Helmantel Trowel

Helmantel Trowel


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This Helmantel Trowel is from a family-owned Dutch garden tools company with over four generations of gardening know how. Such expertise has resulted in the exquisite design of this robust garden trowel. Designed for the nurseryman gardener, yet still equally useful for the avid horticulturist, the sharp head allows for easy digging, even in compact soil.

Its stainless-steel blade has been angled at 90 degrees to the handle, allowing you to effortessly trail it across the surface of the soil and create a perfectly sized groove for your seedlings. Such an angle makes it easy on the wrist with little resistance and perfect for the gardener who likes to get in amongst it on their hands and knees. Intended for a lifetime of use, it makes those jobs around the garden a delightful pleasure.


  • Width of head: 7.5cm
  • Length of head: 19cm
  • Length of handle: 14cm
  • Total length: 19cm

Weight: 0.3kg

Materials: Stainless-steel and Wood 

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