Wrotter with Ash Handle

Wrotter with Ash Handle


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This Wrotter with Ash Handle is from a family-owned Dutch garden tools company with over four generations of gardening know how. The word “Wrotter” is an old Dutch word meaning “tough worker”, which adeptly describes this robust gardening tool.

With a precisely angled head it allows for easy weeding around your herbaceous borders, whilst the ergonomic design means it is easy to push into the soil and remove any deep-rooted weeds. You do not often find a tool as stylish as this that is willing to do the necessary ‘dirty work’ around the garden.


  • Width of head: 3cm
  • Length of head: 17cm
  • Length of handle: 14cm
  • Total length: 31cm

Weight: 0.2kg

Materials: Stainless-steel and Wood

Branded with the Burford Garden Company logo