Herkules Copper Lawn Edger

Herkules Copper Lawn Edger


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Herkules is a sharp, heavy-duty lawn-edging tool made entirely by hand. An ash shaft topped with a turned and shaped beech T-handle makes it very comfortable to use. The traditional shaped, half-moon head is made of work-hardened bronze, a durable alloy of copper, with a sharp edge to cut through turf with ease. Rather than the usual folded lip, to help you tread it down into the earth, this has a solid ledge welded on, so a little effort will go a long way, and you won't have to keep turning it round the right way!

Did you know, edging the existing edge of a lawn, or creating a new edge, is best done when the soil is moist? You can also use an edging tool to cut out a section of turf within a lawn to be used elsewhere.

As with our other copper tools, this full-sized garden tool combines functionality and elegance. It is light and nicely weighted, making it effortless to use with minimal friction. Copper will not break even under considerable stress and can easily be bent back into shape, reworked and sharpened. This copper garden tool will last for years, developing a graceful bronze patina over time, without rusting.

It is suitable for daily work in cultivated garden soils. As you work, you will enrich the soil with copper trace elements and thereby provide your plants with essential nutrients.

Materials: Copper alloy, beech and ash wood

Dimensions: Total L:104cm; head H:13cm, W:24cm, D:2cm; shaft Dia:3–4cm; handle W:25cm, Dia:2.5–3.5cm

Weight: 1.850kg