Hi-Step Adjustable Ladder

Hi-Step Adjustable Platform Ladder


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The Hi-Step Adjustable Platform Ladder (6ft) is the perfect solution when completing bigger jobs such as hedge cutting, large topiary shaping or even painting. Each leg adjusts individually up to 2ft (0.6m), allowing you to use the ladder on banks, slopes, ditches, dips and steps.

A fully enclosed platform enables you to work hands-free as it provides a spacious and comfortable surface that remains stable even on soft or sloped terrain. The Hi-Step Ladder is made from high-grade aluminium and is meticulously hand-welded to ensure strength; it is both incredibly durable and lightweight, folding flat for storage in only 30 seconds. 


  • 6ft (1.8m): Platform height: 3ft (0.9m); Hip level*: 6ft (1.8m); Reaching Overhead*: 10ft (3.0m)
  • Please note: all sizes provided are with the extendable legs fully retracted.
  • *Working height based on the user being 6ft.
  • Storage depth: 0.2m 

Materials: High-grade aluminium body with stainless steel, zinc coated pins and chain. 

Storage: Not advised for outdoor storage. Can be folded easily for storage in only 30 seconds. Light maintenance on removable parts will lengthen the ladder’s lifetime.

Weight: 21kg

Weight limit: 150kg including tools

5 year warranty from the supplier