Japanese Aluminium Tripod Ladders from Niwaki

Japanese Aluminium Tripod Ladders


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These cleverly designed Japanese Aluminium Tripod Ladders are ideal for picking and pruning tasks, especially when dealing with large topiary and hedges. Exceptionally strong, they are extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre into position. Their sturdy frame has a wide base, stationed with clawed anti-slip feet to guarantee extra safety, and a telescopic back leg, with a spring-pin that extends (by 6") or shortens (up to 18") in 6" stops. The ladders are also built with double rungs for extra safety (they do not get muddy or slippery).

With many versatile uses, these ladders are a must-have for every garden. (In fact, they have been featured on BBC Gardeners’ World, and the Japanese Tripod Ladder is described by Monty Don as one of his five favourite gardening tools in the Telegraph!)

Please choose from the following four sizes:

  • 6ft (1.8m)
  • 8ft (2.4m)
  • 10ft (3.0m)
  • 12ft (3.6m)


  • 6ft (for hedges 6–8ft)– H:300cm, W:125cm, Spread:122cm, Folded L:194cm, Steps:6, Weight:6.5kg, Safe standing height: 3–4ft, Arm outstretched: 10–11ft
  • 8ft (for hedges 8–10ft) – H:240cm, W:125cm, Spread:157cm, Folded L:259cm, Steps:8, Weight:8.3kg, Safe standing height: 5ft, Arm outstretched: 12ft
  • 10ft (for hedges 10–12ft) – H:300cm, W:145cm, Spread:193cm, Folded L:317cm, Steps:10, Weight:10.5kg, Safe standing height: 7ft, Arm outstretched: 14ft
  • 12ft (for hedges 12–14ft) – H:360cm, W:145cm, Spread:219cm, Folded L:381cm, Steps:12, Weight:12.1kg, Safe standing height: 9ft, Arm outstretched: 16ft

Material: Aluminium


  • Stable Tripod design
  • Perfect for cutting tall hedges
  • Adjustable third leg for slopes and steps
  • Simple and safe spring pin adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Optional rubber feet for hard surfaces

Production conforms to Japanese Industrial Standards.