Japanese Mini Shears

Japanese Mini Shears


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These Japanese Mini Shears are an incredibly practical garden tool, that also boast a wonderfully minimalist Japanese design. The two razor sharp blades have been hand forged from quality stainless steel in the mountain city of Sanjo, Japan, an area known for its steel work.

Over the white oak handles are red rubber sleeves which provide a comforting stable grip. With a compact design and easy grip, these mini shears are great for delicate clipping jobs when some extra control is needed. However, the robustness of the steel means they can also carry out hedge pruning jobs.

Dimensions: H: 37cm, W: 14cm, D: 2.6cm, Blade Length: 12.5cm 

Weight: 430g 

Materials: SK Stainless Steel / Japanese White Oak 

Includes: Vinyl Sheath 

Care: Wipe with a soft damp cloth, as dirty shears will clog up with debris