Japanese Pro-Adjust Aluminium Tripod Ladder

Japanese Pro-Adjust Aluminium Tripod Ladders


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As an adaptable alternative, these cleverly designed Japanese Pro-Adjust Aluminium Tripod Ladders are ideal for picking and pruning tasks, but giving you the option of adjustable reach. Exceptionally strong and easy to manoeuvre into position, they are immensely useful in gardens with slopes and steps. Their sturdy frame has a wide base, stationed with clawed anti-slip feet to guarantee extra safety, and an adjustable back leg, with a spring-pin that extends (by 6") or shortens (up to 18") in 6" stops. The advantage of this particular ladder is that the front legs are also adjustable, as they can be extended in 5cm increments for ground level changes of up to 40cm in height. If this wasn't enough, the ladders are also built with double rungs that provide extra safety (they don't get muddy or slippery).

With many versatile uses, these ladders are a must-have for every garden. Due to the heavy-duty design, these particular ladders are ideal for landscapers and tree-surgeons, and will be able to provide a sophisticated and professional assurance for more demanding gardeners.

Please choose from the following four sizes:

  • 7ft (2.1m)
  • 9ft (2.7m)
  • 11ft (3.3m)

Please note, due to size this item can only be delivered locally. 


  • 7ft (for hedges 6–9ft)– H:210cm, W:95cm, Spread:169cm, Folded L:210cm, Steps:7, Weight:11.6kg, Safe standing height: 120cm
  • 9ft (for hedges 8–11ft) – H:270cm, W:127cm, Spread:210cm, Folded L:264cm, Steps:9, Weight:14.3kg, Safe standing height: 175cm
  • 11ft (for hedges 10–13ft) – H:330cm, W:128cm, Spread:248cm, Folded L:327cm, Steps:11, Weight:17.5kg, Safe standing height: 235cm

Material: Aluminium


  • Stable Tripod design
  • Perfect for cutting tall hedges
  • Adjustable third leg for slopes and steps
  • Adjustable front two legs
  • Simple and safe spring pin adjustment
  • Heavyweight for extra stability
  • Waterproof
  • Optional rubber feet for hard surfaces

Production conforms to Japanese Industrial Standards.