Japanese Secateurs Tobisho SR-1

Japanese Secateurs Tobisho SR-1


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Described in the Telegraph as one of Monty Don's five favourite gardening tools, the Tobisho SR-1 secateurs are drop forged, deep in the mountains of Yamagata, from one piece of top quality, high carbon, hardwearing Yasuki YCS-3 steel. These secateurs combine a beautifully refined balance with a smooth, razor-sharp cut. The face of the cutting blade is slightly hollow to reduce friction in the cutting action, giving a cleaner, easier cut. These Tobisho secateurs combine the shape of the traditional A-Type with more modern production techniques, resulting in a light and balanced but strong pair of secateurs that are comfortable to use all day long.

The chunky catch at the bottom has a crisp action that’s easy to use, even with cold wet hands or muddy gloves, and the spring is well secured and never accidentally pops out. Tough and suitable for heavy work, and they hold their edge well, so are perfect for pruning.

Why the red and yellow handles? Red shows up in daylight and yellow in the dark. (If you prefer the more traditional look, you can always peel off the vinyl handles.)

Our Japanese tools are handmade and take time to be produced to such high standards. If this item is not in stock, we will have it on order, so please sign up for an email notification; when you receive it, act quickly as these are particularly popular! If you miss out, you'll need to sign up for the next delivery; alternatively, please telephone to be placed on our waiting list.

Right handed

Size: Standard

L:20cm, Weight:235g

Spare spring included. Single and Double leather holsters are also available.

Care: Clean with Crean Mate and Camellia oil, and sharpen weekly with a whetstone.