Kurumi Pro Snips

Kurumi Pro Snips


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These Kurumi Pro Snips are quite the elegant garden tool. Ideal for precise work upon garden flora and gentle pruning, their two-pointed blades are delicate and offer more accuracy than traditional secateurs. Hand forged using hard wearing carbon steel, by skilled craftspeople in the mountain city of Sanjo, an area known for its steel work, these garden snips are of the highest quality and built to last.

Like all Japanese tools, these garden snips are engineered to be easy on the hand with slim, well-shaped, walnut wood handles and sprung scissor action for single-handed use, adding that final luxurious touch is their elegantly graceful, simple design. Perfectly weighted, they really are a joy to use around the garden, making them an indispensable garden tool.

Our Japanese tools are handmade and take time to be produced to such high standards. If this item is not in stock, we will have it on order, so please sign up for an email notification, and when you receive it act quickly as they are popular! If you miss out, you'll need to sign up for the next delivery; alternatively, please telephone to be placed on our waiting list.

Dimensions: H: 20cm, W: 5cm, D: 1.7cm 

Materials: Drop Forged KA70 Carbon Steel, Walnut Wood 

Weight: 159g 

Includes Black Leather Sheath

Care: Sharpen with a Whetstone. Dry wipe over with Camellia oil (available in store) and store in a dry place to keep clean. We advise you to store and carry them in a holster