Shuro Hand Broom

Shuro Hand Broom


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This Shuro Hand Broom is of simple Japanese design and is incredibly useful for all your indoor and outdoor domestic chores. Despite being made up of compact trachycarpus fibres, the broom itself is very light and easy to move into tight spaces, making it perfect for the most delicate of dustings.

Bound together by a copper wire, the handle is chunky and provides a satisfying grip. Along with the perfect coarseness of the palm fibres this hand broom is ideal for careful sweeping of bonsai and other potted plants, corners of terraces and patios, and ground covers such as moss.

Dimensions: H: 21.7cm, W: 11cm 

Weight: 74g 

Material: Trachycarpus Fibre / Bound Together by Copper Wire 

Made in Japan