Japanese Hatchet

Japanese Hatchet


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Lovely little hatchet for woodland work, carving and kindling splitting. Great around the camp. The slender, straight shaft of white oak (Quercus myrsinifolia) supports a quality carbon steel head with a flat toe (the top of the head) and an elegant curved beard (the bottom).

The small axe has a lighter feel than Western versions, and so has a beautifully balanced longer haft (the handle). Made from a single piece of quality carbon steel, the rapidly broadening wedge head with a slightly concave edge grind creates greater force and therefore enables more efficient splitting of smaller logs, and is perfect for splitting and shaving wood for kindling, as well as for carving.

A small wedge in the eye of the axe can be hammered in if necessary to tighten the head onto the shaft.


Please note this item is only available for purchase in store. As our Japanese tools are handmade and take time to be produced to such high standards, please telephone before your visit to enquire about availability.


This item is not for sale to under 18 year olds. It must be used responsibly and appropriately.

Use as a felling axe, heavy duty axe, forestry axe or logging axe will invalidate your warranty.

Includes a red vinyl cover for the head.

Materials: Laminated Shirogami White Paper #2 steel, white oak
Blade L:cm; edge L:cm; handle L:44cm
Head weight:700g