Japanese Lightweight GR Secateurs

Japanese Lightweight GR Secateurs


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With only a slight compromise on strength in return for a touch more precision, the slender bypass blade gets into places hitherto the preserve of the daintiest Pro Snips. Slightly smaller than the standard GR secateurs, these are the perfect choice for those with smaller hands, as well those needing the precision that the slender blade provides.

Hand forged in Sanjo in the north of Japan, these lightweight 'double yellows' set the standard for quality and value. The robust KA70 carbon steel holds a mean edge, the chunky lock clasp at the bottom and the smooth yet strong spring action give a reassuringly simple functional feel.

The funky ergonomic grips are super grippy, so ideal for those who are butter-fingered as well as green fingered, and the yellow colour on both handles helps them show up when you've left them somewhere in the garden, as we all do.

Use for everyday pruning. With their perfect combination of robust, hard-wearing steel, well-balanced precision and great ergonomics, we are certain you will be using them every day, as you'll find them so useful.

Our Japanese tools are handmade and take time to be produced to such high standards. If this item is not in stock, we will have it on order, so please sign up for an email notification.

Size: Small standard

Material: KA70 carbon steel

Dimensions: Total L:20cm; blade L:5.5cm, rivet to tip L:6cm, cutting edge L:5cm


Spare spring included. Single and Double leather holsters are also available.

Care: Clean with Crean Mate and Camellia oil, and sharpen with a 1000 grade fine stone every few weeks.

Made by hand in Japan.