Japanese Pro-Snips Okatsune No. 207

Japanese Pro-Snips Okatsune No. 207


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Okatsune is the number one choice for professional gardeners in Japan – simple, sharp and strong. Unlike Western brands, which rely on cushioning and gearing for a smooth feel, these snips have a more direct action, resulting in a very clean, efficient cut. In Japan these heavy duty snips from Okatsune are used for pine pruning.

The Pro-Snips are not a substitute for secateurs, but perfect for heavy duty delicate work. They're brilliant as a heavy duty pair of snips, for all sorts of detailed work where you need to get into tight spots (secateurs would be too clumsy) and make quite substantial cuts.

Used by the gardeners at the remarkable Adachi gardens in Japan.

L:190cm, Blade length:4.5cm, Weight:120g

Leather holster also available.

Care: Sharpen weekly with a whetstone.

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