Japanese Pruning Saw Bakuma Tristar 210

Japanese Pruning Saw Bakuma Tristar 210


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Always have a pruning saw close to hand, so you're not tempted to overdo it with the secateurs. This is the perfect garden saw for those pruning jobs when secateurs or a folding saw isn't enough: selective coppicing, pruning out individual trunks of hazel or sweet chestnut coppice, and general shrub pruning.

It cuts on the pull, like all Japanese saws, which makes cutting easier, gives more control and leaves a cleaner finish. The blade is thin, meaning you get a thinner kerf (the cut) with less effort. The rubber handle gives you excellent grip and control, so it is more accurate as well as requiring less effort and being safer to use.

Comes with a rigid plastic scabbard and the handle incorporates a hanging hole.

Blade length:21cm

Replacement blades can be ordered in store.


Please note this item is only available for purchase in store. As our Japanese tools are handmade and take time to be produced to such high standards, please telephone before your visit to enquire about availability.

This item is not for sale to under 18 year olds. It must be used responsibly and appropriately.