Japanese Snips Okatsune No. 304

Japanese Snips Okatsune No. 304


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Okatsune is the number one choice for professional gardeners in Japan – simple, sharp and strong. Unlike Western brands, which rely on cushioning and gearing for a smooth feel, these snips have a more direct action, resulting in a very clean, efficient cut. The pointed ends are great for getting right in for careful snipping, and the red and white handles show up when you (almost inevitably) leave them lying around somewhere.

These snips are absolutely brilliant for flowers, fruit and veg. They'll even handle light woody growth. Tough, but tough as secateurs and best for dainty work.

Leather holster also available.


Dimensions: L:19cm, Blade length:5cm, Weight:140g

Care: Sharpen weekly with a whetstone.


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