Japanese Standard Garden Shears

Japanese Standard Garden Shears


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These practical shears have a simplicity of design that is typical of Japanese tools. The hardwearing steel blades and white oak handles work together to provide the perfect balance for an efficient, clean cut.

Highly versatile, these sharp shears can be used for quite delicate work such as topiary, yet are robust enough for hedge pruning and more brutal cutting jobs. Ideal for box clipping, cloud pruning, yew hedges, bay standards, holly domes and just about everything else.

Length: Standard

Materials: SK steel blades, white oak

Dimensions: Total L:55cm, Blade L:19.5cm

Supplied with leather sheath.

Care: To maintain the sharp edge and extend the life of the shears, sharpen the blades when necessary on a gritstone. When clipping, especially box or yew, keep a bucket of water handy, mixed with a dash (5%, no more) of bleach. Dunk the clippers in every so often, to prevent the leaf resin from clogging up the blades. The bleach (or use Jeyes fluid) prevents the spread of viruses between plants.

Note: Our Japanese tools are handmade and take time to be produced to such high standards. If this item is not in stock, we will have it on order, so please sign up for an email notification, and when you receive it act quickly as they are popular!