Pollux Copper Hand Hoe

Pollux Copper One-Prong Hand Hoe


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Similar to the Phoenix with its pointed blade, but with only a single tine, the double-action Pollux Hand Hoe combines functionality and elegance. The diamond-shaped bronze blade and the sharp prong are made from a copper alloy, cold hardened for durability. Its sharp edges make it effortless to use with minimal friction. The metal will not break even under considerable stress and can easily be bent back into shape, reworked and sharpened.

With its artisan turned handle of European beech, this hand held hoe is simply a joy to use around the garden. A convenient hoe for precision weeding by hand, it is suitable for daily work in cultivated garden soils. Compared to the Phoenix, this tool is more suitable for stony or more friable soil, and for more careful gardening.

As you work, you will enrich the soil with copper trace elements and thereby provide your plants with essential nutrients. This hand hoe will last for years, developing a graceful bronze patina over time, without rusting.

Materials: Copper alloy, beech wood

Dimensions: L:31cm, H:20cm, W:7.5cm

Weight: 210g