Tripod Ladder

Tripod Ladders - 8ft & 10ft


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These Tripod Ladders are designed specifically to keep you safe when working at heights or on uneven ground. Adjustable legs ensures that all three feet are always secure and stable on the ground, meaning that you can work in any direction when completing work at height in the garden. The 7”/18cm deep platform rung is designed to make standing more comfortable when you work as your knees can be tucked into the frame, allowing you to use both hands freely and safely. 

Made from high-grade aluminium and hand welded to ensure strength and durability, these ladders are also surprisingly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The sturdy, ‘no-wobble’ tripod structure and wide clawed feet ensure greater stability as they firmly grip the ground - the tripod ladder also comes with removable rubber feet for use on hard surfaces. 

Shown here in 8ft. 

Please choose from the following sizes: 

  • 8ft (2.4m) - legs extend up to 18” 
  • 10ft (3.0m) - legs extend up to 18”


  • 8ft (2.4m): Platform height: 5ft (1.5m); Hip level*: 8ft (2.4m); Reaching Overhead*: 12ft (3.6m)
  • 10ft (3.0m): Platform height: 7ft (2.1m); Hip level*: 10ft (3.0m); 14ft (4.2m); Reaching Overhead*: 14ft (4.2m)
  • Please note: all sizes provided are with the extendable legs fully retracted.
  • *Working height based on the user being 6ft.
  • Storage depth: 0.2m 

Materials: High-grade aluminium body with stainless steel, zinc coated pins and chain. Rubber feet.

Storage: Can be secured and stored outside. Light maintenance on removable parts will lengthen the ladder’s lifetime.

Weight limit: 150kg including tools.

5 year warranty from the supplier.