Two-Tine Weeding Fork with Shaped Handle

Two-Tine Weeding Fork with Shaped Handle


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With the longer, shaped handle of our 'Deluxe Line', designed exclusively for gardeners with small hands. this garden hand fork has two tines  The Luxury Weeding Fork is ideal for planting, aerating and loosening soil, without damaging neighbouring plants. It is also a great weeder fork to use in raised beds.

Featuring a durable ash-wood handle branded with the Burford Garden Company logo, and a hand-forged stainless steel head, this long-handled weeder is made to last for years.

Materials: Ash wood, stainless steel

Dimensions: Total L:76cm, handle L:60cm, head L:16cm, W:4cm, W:5cm, tines L:15cm , space between tines 2.5cm

Weight: 0.4kg