Japanese Combination Sharpening Stone

Japanese Combination Sharpening Stone


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This double-sided gritstone is an excellent way to keep a sharp edge on the blades you use in daily life. It works equally well on garden tools – secateurs, shears and folding knives – as it does on a variety of kitchen knives.

Two-in-one sharpening stone:

  • Red ochre – Fine 1000 grade grit for regular weekly sharpening
  • Sand – Superfine 3000 grade grit for honing and detailed work

To use, ensure the stone is soaked well in water and use the red ochre side for weekly restoration of your blades and the sand-coloured, finer grit, for more refined, detailed sharpening.

A practical gift for anyone who values their garden tools.

Grade: Medium 1000 grade grit, for weekly sharpening, Fine 3000 grade grit for refining

Colour: Red ochre and sandstone

Dimensions: L:185mm, W:65mm, H:30mm

Care: Soak thoroughly before every use. Do not drop as it will break.