Japanese Barracuda Clippers Tobisho

Japanese Barracuda Clippers Tobisho


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These Barracuda Clippers combine the length and 'clipability' of topiary clippers with the strength of bypass secateurs, making them great for heavy duty pruning. They are drop forged (bashed with a very heavy pneumatic hammer) from great steel, with lovely balance and made with great attention to detail. From Japanese firm Tobisho, a small family business deep in the mountains of Yamagata (an area famous for the quality of its steel), which makes just about the best tools you'll find.

Absolutely perfect for cutting back and reshaping old box topiary. (Box wood is hard stuff – did you know it was used traditionally for printing blocks?) They are also exceptional for those heavier winter clipping tasks.

Like all Japanese tools, these garden clippers are engineered to be easy on the hand with slim, well-shaped handles and sprung scissor action for single-handed use, and easy on the eye with their elegantly graceful, simple design. Chunky, easy to use catch for safety when not in use. The red and yellow coloured handles means you won't lose them!

Whether you consider the Tobisho Barracuda Clippers as a stretched pair of secateurs, or heavy duty clippers, you will find them indispensible in the garden. PS If you are curious, they are called 'Barracuda' as the slightly curving blade resembles that of this notorious fish's jawline.

  • Kobe KA-70 Carbon Steel
  • L:26.5cm, blade L:12cm
  • Weight:295g
  • Spare spring included

Care: Sharpen with a whetstone. Dunk the clippers every so often into a weak solution of bleach or Jeyes fluid, to stop the blades clogging up and prevent the spread of nasty viruses. Use wire wool to scrub off any stubborn leaf resin. We advise you to store and carry them in a holster.

Our Japanese tools are handmade and take time to be produced to such high standards. If this item is not in stock, we will have it on order, so please sign up for an email notification, and when you receive it act quickly as they are popular!