Japanese Secateurs Okatsune No. 103

Japanese Secateurs Okatsune No. 103


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Okatsune is the number one choice for professional gardeners in Japan – simple, sharp and strong. Unlike Western brands, which rely on cushioning and gearing for a smooth feel, these secateurs have a more direct action, resulting in a very clean, efficient cut. They are very comfortable to use, even for long periods. The big chunky catch at the bottom has a crisp action that’s easy to use, even with cold wet hands or muddy gloves, and the spring is well secured and never accidentally pops out. Made from Hitachi Yasugi high carbon steel, tough and suitable for heavy work. Perfect for pruning.

Why the red and white handles? Red shows up in daylight and white in the dark. Clever!

Size: Standard

L:20.2cm, Weight:230g

Spare spring included. Single and Double leather holsters are also available.

Care: Sharpen weekly with a whetstone.

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