Japanese Kaneshin Bonsai Trimming Scissors

Japanese Kaneshin Bonsai Trimming Scissors


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Tools for bonsai care are precision instruments designed to do a very particular job in the maintainance of a bonsai tree. The slender, pointed blades of trimming scissors are just right for cutting buds and small branches of small and medium bonsai – individual leaves and downward-projecting fine to medium shoots (both green ones and those turning woody), as well as the reduction of fine roots to restrict growth.

In a traditional Japanese design with rounded handles, the Kaneshin Bonsai Trimming Scissors are made by hand in Japan from high grade Japanese carbon steel with a black oxide finish. (Carbon steel is prone to rust but is the best choice for bonsai tools as it can be made sharper than maintenance-free stainless steel; clean after use with our camellia oil.) For even better control, try holding with your index finger outside the handle. The Kaneshin trimming scissors are strong, yet delicate and accurate for careful, deliberate cuts. Use the tips for detailed work (they are deliberately crossed) and make bigger cuts further down the blades.

Model: Kaneshin No. 39

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Material: Forged carbon steel

Dimensions: Total L:18cm; blade L:4.2cm, rivet to tip L:5cm, cutting edge L:4cm

Weight (including box): 300g

Care: After you finish working on your bonsai or other plants or trees, wipe your tools with camellia oil using a lint free cloth; this will help to prevent rust. Clean with Crean Mate (available in store) and vegetable oil.