70cm Classic Firepit with Additional Extra Rack

Classic Fire Pits


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These Classic Fire Pits suit any setting. Designed after the shape of a tripod, they are extremely versatile, durable and effective in design.  Easily portable, the fire pit has a bowl attached to a three-legged base, so they can be moved to any desired location to enjoy the length of a summer evening even longer. What could be more perfect for a welcoming atmosphere or staying warm and roasting marshmallows than this fabulous outdoor fire pit?

Hand-crafted in the UK and of unparalleled quality, it can be used as a standalone fire pit or coupled with a range of specially designed accoutrements including grills, cooking tripods and accessories for outdoor grilling and cooking (all available in store).

Available in four sizes:

  • 60cm diameter
  • 70cm diameter
  • 80cm diameter
  • 90cm diameter

Note: The fire pit has been rubbed all over with oil, which will eventually oxidize, turning a deep autumn colour. This change has no impact on the fire pit's long term durability as the steel is very thick. Otherwise, the bowls are not treated in any way as a coating of heat resistant paint would, over a period of time, burn off and deteriorate. It can however be rubbed with a wire brush and then oiled or it is fine to leave the fire pit outside and let it take its natural course.

Barbecue Swing Rack not included.


60cm – Total height including stand 42cm; Dia:60cm, D:17cm
70cm – Total height including stand 50cm; Dia:70cm, D:23cm
80cm – Total height including stand 50cm; Dia:80cm, D:23cm
90cm – Total height including stand 60cm; Dia:90cm, D:23cm

Material: 3mm steel

A full range of accessories is available in store.

Note: Firepit and lids will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish. This, however, does not affect their long term durability.