Corten Steel Fireplace with Pizza Oven and Door

Corten Steel Fireplace with Pizza Oven and Door


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This attractive Corten Steel Fireplace with a Pizza Oven and Door is a brilliant source of outdoor cooking. Combing two different functions into one, it has a classic appearance in an elegant rustic finish, with its design harkening back to the height of the industrial age. The fireplace is great for clustering around on chilly evenings or for setting up a wonderful ambience, with its warm orange glow that becomes most accentuated after dusk, whilst the pizza oven and door offers the potential for oven baking. The ventilation slot on the door allows the fire to breathe and modify how quickly it burns, having a more refined cooking process for your pizzas.

Handcrafted and manufactured in the UK from 3mm Corten steel, this fireplace is of unparalleled quality. The colour and texture of the fireplace will allow it to look at home in any outdoor setting and will weather naturally with a beautiful finish. (After around six months of outdoor exposure, the oven will take on an autumn orange colour that protects the thick steel plating underneath.)

Dimensions: H:150cm, W:75cm, D:50cm

Material: 3mm A606 Corten Steel; 6mm thick on front

Note: The oven, over around a period of six months, will weather to a deep autumn orange. This is perfectly in line with the type of steel used, and will offer a layer of oxidised metal that protects the plate underneath to offer a rustic weathered finish.