Original Indian Kadai

Original Indian Kadais with Tudor Stand


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Every one of our Original Indian Kadais has been used to cook countless meals in India. Used at wedding ceremonies, family celebrations and for everyday meals, these authentic kadais bear a lasting oiled patina inside and show signs of years of use from an open fire on the outside.

The low Tudor Stand with its elegant bent legs makes the kadai the ideal height for sitting around and relaxing when using your Original Kadai as a fire bowl or as a barbecue.

Crafted from heavy gauged metal, and often nearly 100 years old, each Kadai has its own unique, individual character. Kadais feature a large grilling area for variable heat, and a filter system that cleverly separates out the ash from rain water, allowing for a maintenance-free barbeque that will last for years outside, all year round.

This popular traditional kadai is also a greener and more attractive alternative to a patio heater.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 80cm
  • 90cm

Each kadai comes with a grill and a stand, plus tongs and a wire cleaning brush. Other accessories are available in store.