Quaruba XL Mobile Rusted Wood Stove (for outdoors only)

Quaruba Rusted Wood Stove XL Mobile


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Enjoy beautiful moments out of doors. Think of warm summer evenings, but also throughout the rest of the year there are often beautiful days when an outdoor fireplace can be used to give wonderful extra warmth and atmosphere.

The Quaruba is a stylish, cube-shaped wood stove with a solidly industrial yet timelessly elegant look. It is just what you need for evenings on the terrace, whether it is a romantic get-together or a lively gathering with friends.

This sturdy and robust terrace stove is designed for outdoor use only. It has an upright, square design and a unique modular construction. Beautiful high, clear glass  windows give a good view of the fire from every side with no release of smoke, ash or sparks. The door catch is located between the door panel and the right-hand leg. It sits on a platform with four wheels, so is easyily moved. In addition, the platform forms a cubby hole that can be used as handy storage for firewood.

Made by hand entirely in-house by a Dutch family business with a professional yet passionate approach, guaranteeing the quality of each stove. The rusting process of CorTen steel is different for every stove, so each is unique.

This stylish outdoor heater is great for entertaining and is a fabulous focal point wherever you site it.

Please note, this stove for outdoor use only, although our image shows it indoors.

Note: This item is made to order and will be delivered directly from the manufacturer, resulting in a minimum delivery time of 3 weeks.

Model: XL Mobile

Colour: Rusted

Materials: 3mm CotTen steel, glass

Dimensions: Total H:298.5cm (including chimney, topper, baseplate & wheels); stove H:95cm, W:54cm, D:54cm; chimney dia:15cm

Weight: 130kg

Warnings: The glass and the metal surface will get hot; never leave this fire unattended; do not attempt to move when lit or hot.

Handmade in Holland


Notes about CorTen:

CorTen is weatherproof steel. It is a metal alloy consisting of iron to which copper, silicon, nickel and chromium have been added. Notable characteristics of CorTen steel are the brown-orange rust colour and the long lifespan. A solid layer of rust shields the deeper material from oxygen, thus protecting the steel. Benefits are:

• beautiful appearance and a warm rust colour
• very durable (lasts about 10 times longer than ordinary steel)
• very strong material (similar to stainless steel)
• does not need to be treated
• is 100% recyclable.