Tower 80 Fire Pit

Tower 80 Fire Pit


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Every one of these Original Indian Kadais have been used to cook countless meals in India. Used at wedding ceremonies, family celebrations and for everyday meals, these authentic kadais bear a lasting oiled patina inside and show signs of years of use from an open fire on the outside.

This Tower 80 Fire Pit is held to a high standard, being raised to a height of 80cm above the ground to give convenient access when cooking. The stand is thick and stable, and gives the overall effect of a beacon. A good tip - wait until sundown to witness the full imposing effects of such a configuration.

The firepit may be used either as a barbecue or an open fire. The shape of the kadai allows for more efficient heat transfer to your food, with enough space on the grill to give you the choice of how much cooking you want to give each particular item.

Please note that to use as a barbecue, the cooking rack has to be bought separately.

Material: 3mm Steel

Dimensions: H:80cm, Dia:80cm

Care: Do not expose to water for extended periods of time.