90cm Green Jarre Olive Pot

Jarre Olive Pot with Glazed Neck 90cm Green


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Entirely hand made in France using centuries-old techniques, including rope-turned coiling, and inspired by the type of terracotta jar traditionally used to transport foodstuffs by boat.

A stylish decorative garden feature with an elegant antique look, this antique-looking ornamental olive jar pot features an enamel glazed rim and neck over a classic patinated and textured finish with the look of lichen. On its own or grouped together, it will make a handsome architectural feature on your terrace.


Colour: Yellow

Notes: Frost resistant. Can be used as a planter, but we advise dropping in a pre-planted pot. Due to the handmade nature of this item, each jarre is unique.

Also in other colours and sizes. Only available in store.