Acer palmatum Jerre Schwartz (detail of early autumn colour)

Acer palmatum Jerre Schwartz


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Acers, or Japanese Maples need little introduction; with the lightest, most delicate touch, they add ravishing colour to a garden. In this case, being a dwarf variety (A. Jerre Schwartz reaches its full height after two decades) it is also perfect for planting in a container to decorate the borders of paths, gravel areas (very Japanese) or position on a terrace. Also, modern Acers such as this have all the beauty but with more resilience bred into them, so they are winter hardy and will tolerate full sun.

Each leaf of A. Jerre Schwartz is a study in refined Japanese delicacy – carefully serrated and deeply lobed – they dance fabulously in the breeze. But best of all, this Acer is like a seasonal chameleon: in the spring these leaves are flushed with pink, as they mature, they turn bronze green for the summer and then back in to a vibrant red in autumn. The flowers are insignificant but develop into attractively winged, red seed pods.

Once the leaves have dropped, the upright branching structure would look lovely threaded with delicate fairy lights for Christmas.

Pot Size: 32cm

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Common Name: Japanese Maple

Height and Spread: 200cm x 100cm over 20 years

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained, slightly acidic soil

Aspect: Partial shade (preferred) will tolerate full sun, facing south, west, or east

Care: Prune if necessary in November