Acer palmatum Skeeter's Broom, early autumn foliage detail

Acer palmatum Skeeter's Broom


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A. palmatum Skeeter’s Broom has the delicately shaped leaves typical of the acer family – deeply lobed and serrated – they dance beautifully in the wind. Its narrow, upright habit and dwarf inclination mean that it is an ideal deciduous tree for use in cottage or smaller gardens. Use its delicate beauty in a dappled border or position it carefully for full effect on a terrace. The impact of the glorious purple leaves against an aged grey stone or lead container is remarkable.

A. Skeeter’s Broom was discovered, as its name suggests, by Edward ‘Skeeter’ Rodd in Pennsylvania, who originally found it growing from an Acer Bloodgood. Rodd developed the new variety for its extraordinarily rich and evolving colour. The leaves turn from a vibrantly bright red in spring, to a deep purple in the summer and autumn.

Pot Size: 32cm

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Common Name: Japanese Maple

Height and Spread: 200cm x 100cm over 20 years

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained, slightly acidic soil

Aspect: Partial shade (preferred) will tolerate full sun, facing south, west, or east

Care: Prune if necessary in November