Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas

Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas


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The Japanese Anemone is a famously cheering sight in an autumn garden, providing valuable height and colour so late in the growing season. Despite its reputation for toughness, anemone flowers are charming, in the case of Anemone hupehensis Fantasy Pocahontas, the double flowers are almost cup-shaped, the edges of the petals wavy, surrounding a generously fringed, golden eye.

A. Fantasy Pocahontas is also particularly rewarding because it has a vigorous habit that repeatedly produces a mass of flowers on branched stems above green, incised leaves. Its compact nature also means that while still nodding gracefully in the wind as its common name (Windflower) suggests, its flowers are also less prone to the destructive whims of autumn gales.

Unworried by sun or shade, this undemanding perennial will look equally marvellous planted en masse in a mixed border, or as a beguiling specimen in a container.

Pot size: 2/3L
Common Name: Windflower
Hardiness: Hardy to –10°C
Height and Spread: 50-100cm x 50-100cm after 2-5 years
Preferred Soil Type: Moist, well drained
Aspect: North, south, west or east facing
Position: Any
Flowering Period: August – October
Care: Cut back stalks after flowering