Berberis thunbergii Orange Rocket

Berberis thunbergii Orange Rocket


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This compact, spiny shrub has an upright habit that makes it perfect for hedging, but Berberis thunbergii Orange Rocket is really remarkable for its chameleon changes of colour. The stems are a rich, dark red/brown and in summer the shrub is covered with small, scented yellow flowers which go on to produce bright red fruits in late summer. The deciduous leaves emerge a rusty orange in spring, change to green in summer and turn a glorious orange/red in autumn. This fiery shrub is also attractive to pollinators.

Pot Size: 3L


Common Name: Japanese Barberry

Hardiness: Hardy 

Height and Spread: 120cm x 50cm (after 25-10yrs)

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained or moist but well drained; does well in poor soil

Aspect: Full sun/partial shade/full shade (colour change and berries improved by full sun)

Position: Any, except north facing