Clematis Hyde Hall

Clematis Hyde Hall


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Clematis Hyde Hall (Evipo009) is an exquisite clematis from the breeder Raymond Evison, valued for the beauty of it large, gently frilled, white flowers (18cm in diameter), which are beautifully marked with the softest pink bars, as if coloured by hand with a soft chalk or pastel.

Plant at the back of the border and allow C. Hyde Hall to climb elegantly up a trellis or through companion plants. Not only does it flower in late spring, early summer, but its wonderful white flowers will put in a second, welcome appearance in early autumn

Pot Size: 3L

Height and Spread: 2500cm x 120cm

Aspect: North, East or West facing

Position: Full sun/partial shade

Flowering Period: June and September

Care: Group 2 pruning. Remove unwanted dead or damaged stems and trim to strong buds in early spring before growth stars. Deadhead to encourage later flowers.