Clematis Multi Blue

Clematis Multi Blue


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Clematis Multi Blue is a compact deciduous climber with striking double or semi-double flowers measuring 8-13cm across. Each deep blue flower opens to reveal a double-layered row of petals, the deep blue of which takes on a silvery appearance as it continues to flower. The mature foliage is a fresh mid-green colour, but new growth has a bronzy tint. 

Thanks to the comparatively compact habit of this beautiful clematis (it reaches a height of 1.5-3.5m) it is highly desirable for use growing through other plants in the middle of a border. It is also compact enough to be planted in containers in couryards or on terraces and will climb vine-like up trellises, pergolas or through trees.

Happy in any aspect, C. Multi Blue requires full or partial sun, its roots shaded. Plant in moist, well-drained soil.    

Pot Size: 2L

Height: 150-350cm

Aspect: Any

Position: Sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: Summer – late autumn

Care: Minor pruning to tidy in early spring and after flowering