Clematis Nubia (Evipo079)

Clematis Nubia


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With a rich red flower and a wispy purple centre, Clematis Nubia (Evipo079) is a stunning, new compact variety from Raymond Evison's Boulevard® series. The combination of strong red tepals with a dark centre make for a strikingly bold flower that is displayed best in a sunny spot, unlike other strong-coloured clematis, which are prone to fading.

This is a bushy, compact variety that everyone will have room for; it is a particularly good choice for a pot or planter on the terrace. C. Nubia is so free and long flowering, we are certain it will become a classic clematis of the future.

It will show vigorous regrowth each spring, and can be enjoyed indoors before planting outside.

Pot Size: 1.5L

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 120cm x 150cm

Aspect: Any

Position: Full sun / partial shade (best in sun)

Flowering Period: Early summer to mid summer and late summer to early autumn

Care: Reduce all stems down to 15cm in late winter/early spring