Clematis Ooh La La

Clematis Ooh La La


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As you might guess from its name, Clematis Ooh La La is not a shy, subtly retiring clematis, it is a shout-out-loud, bringer-of-joy clematis, bearing abundant, single flowers whose petals are barred with deep pink, augmented by wavy margins in purple/pink. Plant it at the back of a sunny border and watch as it climbs its way up walls, trellises or through other plants to explode in a colourful spectacle in late spring, early summer. 

This deciduous climber is conveniently compact in form making it ideal for planting in a pot. The vibrant colour of the flowers contrasts particularly well with slate grey or lead coloured container.  

Pot size:3L

Height and Spread: 100-150cm x 100cm after 2-5 years

Aspect: North, West or East facing

Position: Sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: Late spring – early autumn

Care: Prune in spring