Clematis Sally

Clematis Sally


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This exquisite clematis is another repeat-flowering specimen from the renowned grower Raymond Evison Nurseries. The large star shaped flowers comprise pointed petals in an exceptionally pretty pink with a deeper central bar. The flowers measure up to 12cm across and unlike other pink clematis that pale in full sun, these flowers intensify their colour to a deep pink when grown in strong sunshine.

Growing up to 2m high, C. Sally is ideal for small gardens, or planting in containers. It can be grown through other wall-trained plants and perfectly complements grey-leaved or variegated foliage. Plant in any position, other than north facing, and lightly prune in spring.

Pot size: 3L

Pot Size: 3L

Height: 2m x 2m

Aspect: Any aspect apart from North facing

Position: Sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: Late spring – early autumn

Care: Prune top growth by a third in late winter, early spring


Can be toxic if ingested.