Clematis Sarah Elizabeth (Evipo098)

Clematis Sarah Elizabeth


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This compact variety from Raymond Evison's Boulevard® series launched at Chelsea 2018. Clematis Sarah Elizabeth (Evipo098) is a stunning new colour breakthrough in pink-flowered clematis. The distinct, attractive pink of the large flowers almost seems to glow.

C. Sarah Elizabeth is free and long flowering. The mass of blooms appear from late spring until late autumn.

This is a bushy, compact variety that everyone will have room for; it is a particularly good choice for a pot or planter on the terrace, and its subtle colours make it good for a shaded or partially shaded area.

Named after Sarah Elizabeth Groves, who was tragically killed in Kashmir at the age of 30.


Pot Size: 1.5L

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 120cm x 150cm

Aspect: Any

Position: Shade / partial shade (best in shade)

Flowering Period: Early summer to mid summer and late summer to early autumn

Care: Reduce all stems down to 15cm in late winter/early spring