Cotinus coggygria Grace

Cotinus coggygria Grace


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Cotinus coggygria Grace is a sizeable and vigorous shrub with large, rounded, rich purple leaves and feathery, smoke-like deep pink fruiting plumes in summer. The large oval leaves are a translucent orange-purple in autumn. Give it the space it needs and it will reward you for years, especially in the autumn and early winter months when other colour may be lacking in the garden.

A tall plant for the back of a border, the leaves look incredible when the sunlight shines through them. Grace can become tall and woody, so prune back very hard to induce dense growth. Extemely tough and robust, this deciduous shrub will succeed in all reasonable aspects. Probably the best shrub for autumn foliage colour.

Common Name: Smokewood

Pot Size: 3L

Hardiness: Hardy

Height and Spread: 800cm x 400cm (over 20 years)

Foliage: Deciduous

Preferred Soil Type: Fertile, moist, well-drained soil

Aspect: Full sun / Partial shade

Position: Any

Flowering Period: June – July