Alchemilla Molllis

Alchemilla mollis


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The very name, Alchemilla mollis, has magical connotations, roughly translated it means 'magical herb'. It refers back into the mists of time when alchemists believed the jewel-like droplets of water that collected in the leaves of the plant had magical properties.  It is easy to see why.

The rounded leaves of this perennial plant are velvet soft, with finely scalloped edges and appear almost radially pleated towards the centre. The foliage is beautiful enough, but in early summer large sprays of delicate chartreuse green flowers spring from the rounded clump of leaves. These flowers are inspirational in flower arrangements, but if allowed to mature scatter their seeds and ensure more ‘magical herbs’.

Almost every cottage garden will have a clump of Alchemilla, traditionally called Lady's Mantle. Plant along the edge of herbaceous borders or in gravel pathways, it is easy to grow and highly rewarding.

Pot size: 2L

Common Name: Lady's Mantle

Hardiness:  Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 45cm x 45cm

Aspect: Any

Position: Sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: June - July