Allium Schubertii

Allium Schubertii


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Alliums or ornamental onions may be common in cottage gardens, but this one is extraordinary. Schubertii is a compact variety with astonishing spiky starburst flower clusters in an open, rich pink globe of up to 30cm in diameter. As the stalks of the tiny flowers are of varying lengths, it resembles a firework. They appear from late May, by which time the strappy bright green leaves will have already started to die back.

A wonderful perennial for a contemporary look, and suitable for planting in containers or a prairie-style or gravel garden, although it may need some protection in a harsh winter. Or plant in the middle of the border, so the umbrels can grow through other foliage such as paeonies; it can take over from tulips. Pair with euphorbias and salvias, plus grasses. They continue to flower for many years.

The flowers and the seed-heads are superb for flower arranging (if dried they last for years – and they are especially dramatic sprayed silver!), making this a good all-rounder for your garden.


Pot size: 2L

Common Name: Ornamental Onion

Hardiness: Frost hardy

Height & Spread: 50cm x 20cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any well-drained, fertile soil, including chalky and sandy

Aspect: South, east or west facing

Position: Full sun, sheltered

Flowering period: late May – June

Care: Split large clumps in spring or autumn