Anemone Dreaming Swan

Anemone Dreaming Swan


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Anemone Dreaming Swan is the latest in the successful Swan series – a series which has been so well received due to the long flowering season of the Anemones. In this case the semi-double flowers are slightly larger than other Swan varieties, but they have the same superb striation on the backs of the petals, with the result that the buds and immature flowers look purple.

These purple buds mature to reveal a dazzling white flower with brilliantly golden fringed eyes. Because they open and close in response to sunlight, the flowers provide a splash of white in the border during the day and a gentle hazy purple mist in the early morning and evening.

In common with other windflowers, the flowers are held aloft on elegant, wiry stems allowing the heads to catch any passing breeze. The attractive foliage, which forms a cushion of leaves, is dark green and deeply divided. While healthy and vigorous, A. Dreaming Swan is compact and behaves politely in the border, resisting the family urge to invade its neighbours.

Pot size: 2L

Common Names: Japanese Anemone, Windflower
Hardiness: Hardy to –10°C
Height and Spread: 55cm x 65cm
Preferred Soil Type: Well drained
Aspect: South, west or east facing
Position: Any
Flowering Period: August – September
Care: Cut back stalks after flowering