Dahlia Mystic Dreamer

Dahlia Mystic Dreamer


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Mystic Dreamer throws its own little carnival in the garden, providing a shock of dazzling colour in the late summer border. Its daisy-like head bears pink petals that are superbly striated with magenta, while the eye is a deep, velvety brown highlighted in bright yellow. Set against the deep bronze foliage, the visual impact is remarkable.

In 1963, Dahlias were declared the national flower of their native Mexico. From the fourteenth century, Aztecs in Mexico cultivated these tuberous plants as a food crop, but the dahlia fell from favour following the arrival of the Conquistadors from Spain. Although the dahlia tuber is no longer utilised as a food, many people sprinkle the edible petals on food for decoration.

Infused with the heat and excitement of Mexico, dahlias have made a resurgence in popularity in Europe for their dazzlingly bright presence in the late summer border. Cut them once they are in full flower for an instant splash of happiness in a vase.

One last thing, because of the open nature of this single-flowered dahlia, it is highly attractive to native pollinators such as bees and hover flies.

Pot Size: 2/3L  

Hardiness: Half-hardy

Height and Spread: 70cm x 40cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any humus-rich, moist but well drained soil

Position: Full sun           

Flowering Period: June – November

Care: Water freely in dry periods. Protect from frost. Lift and store tubers in autumn. If cut for flower arrangements, recut the stalks after a day or two to encourage longevity in the vase.