Eryngium Blue Waves

Eryngium Blue Waves


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Awarded second place in the Plant of the Year competition at Chelsea 2018!

Launched at Cheslea in 2018, this brand new sea holly packs a punch with its rich, purply blueness, large cone and super-thin, spiky-looking bracts.

Eryngiums are great plants to add contrasting foliage interest to the front or middle of a sunny border, with their teasel-like cone flowers – like thimbles –  surrounded by a ruff of spiky bracts. The deeply divided leaves of this hardy herbaceous perennial are held on stiff, branched stems.

Eryngium Blue Waves has a surreal look about it, with big showy bracts in scale with the stem height. The flowers are long lasting and repeating.

Long lived in favourable conditions, it is easy to grow, needs no staking and is great for pollinators. A particularly interesting accompaniment to grasses or other architectural plants, E. Blue Waves is a rosette-forming biennial, and self-seeds freely.

It's a popular choice for flower arrangements, both fresh and dried, or keep the flower heads on all winter, as they look striking.

Pot Size: 2L

Common Name: Sea Holly

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Preferred Soil Type: Any dry, well-drained, poor to moderately fertile soil (i.e. average soil)

Position: Full sun (for best colour)

Aspect: South, west or east facing

Care: Protect from winter wet