Hydrangea paniculata Polestar (spring)

Hydrangea paniculata Polestar


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Hydrangea paniculata Polestar is especially highly prized as the first of the paniculata varieties to come into flower (early June), only beginning to die back in October. Chameleon-like, the flowers emerge as a fresh lime green, then mature into a rich cream, before flushing a salmon pink and finally becoming wine red. Even when the plant is dying down, the seed heads are eye-catching, adding three-dimensional lacy detail to the winter garden or, if cut, to a sculptural flower arrangement.

Not only beautiful and long-lasting, H. paniculate Polestar is valued for its compact form. Growing no bigger than 50cm, it is a perfect candidate for the border of a cottage or terrace garden, or as an ever-changing specimen planted in a container.

Deciduous shrubs, paniculate hydrangeas are natives of China and Japan and are very hardy

Pot Size: 3L

Hardiness: Hardy to –5°C

Height and Spread: 50 x 50cm

Preferred Soil Type: Rich, moisture-retentive soil

Position: Sheltered

Aspect: Full sun / partial shade

Flowering Period: Late June – October

Care: Prune back to first shoots in original wood in spring. Water regularly if in a container.