Iris Sable

Iris Sable


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This beautiful Iris (or one very similar) is in our cultural DNA thanks to Van Gogh’s achingly beautiful late paintings of them. Commanding in the herbaceous border, I. Sable has blueish green spear-shaped leaves and holds aloft its elegant flower heads over surrounding plants. The six large petals are gently ruffled: three erect are a rich purple, three falling are a deeper, velvety purple with a delicate white-veined centre. As a beautiful colour accent, the beard of this iris is tipped with orange.

Flowering in late May and June, bearded irises are a traditional cottage garden favourite, for their elegance and reliability. The flowers attract native pollinators and, if cut, make impressive arrangements.

Pot Size: 2L

Common Name: Tall bearded iris

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 90cm x 30cm

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained, fertile loam or sandy soil

Aspect: South or east facing

Position: Full sun / Partial shade

Flowering Period: May – July

Care: Cut back old foliage in late spring, plant rhizome on surface of soil


Please note: All parts of this plant are highly toxic if eaten.