Silene dioica 'Rollie's Favourite'

Silene dioica 'Rollie's Favourite'


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This attractive, semi-evergreen plant, forms an attractive clump of hairy, ovate leaves and bears sprays of deep pink flowers with five-notched petals and a delicate white eye. Hardy and undemanding, it offers a reliable area of colour in a cottage garden or herbaceous border.

Silene dioica ‘Rollie’s Favourite’ is bred from the native wild Red Campion, which is still a familiar and welcome sight, particularly in deciduous woods and hedgerows. As a result, it is hugely attractive to native pollinators.

Pot size: 2L

Common Names: Red Camption

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 45cm x 30cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any well drained or moist but well drained

Aspect: Not north facing, sheltered or exposed

Position: Full sun / partial shade 

Flowering Period: May – June