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Cucamelon Melothria


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A particular favourite amongst chefs and gardeners this season, these sweet little Cucamelon Melothria seeds produce grape-sized fruits that are similar to watermelons, but have an unsual combined taste of cucumber and lime. Perfect for chopping into salads and pickles, they are also delicious gently blended into a cold gin and tonic on a summer day!

As well as being easy to grow, they can be eaten fresh from the vine during the warmer weather. Due to their climbing habit, they are best suited to sunny terraces where they can really turn into a beautiful garden feature with their decorative foliage (but they also work just as well in greenhouses).

Content: Average 20 seeds

Germination: 21 days, 70-75ºF

Plant height: 2.4m / 8ft

Preferred position: Full sun