Sweet Pea Heirloom Bicolour

Sweet Pea Heirloom Bicolour


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A quintessential of the English cottage garden, Sweet Peas not only provide a wonderful array of colours (red, right the way through to blue via purple, lilac and white) but the scent is exquisite. Rather than feeling any guilt about plucking them from the garden, the more you cut the sweet pea flowers for arrangements, the more the flowers will appear.

Brilliant for containers on terraces (they will need a structure to climb) they are also good for covering walls and fences. A wonderful hardy annual that can be sown indoors in January to get ahead.

Content: Average 20 seeds

Germination: 10-14 days

Flowering: June - August

Plant height: 180cm, Spread:30cm

Preferred position: Full sun